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Wednesday October 28, 1998
San Francisco Stories

Mister Softee puts out yet another OS.


Wednesday October 7, 1998
A Technoreality Check from the Villiage Voice.


Tuesday September 29, 1998
HotBot on the boob tube.


Tuesday September 15, 1998
Michael Wolff detractors rejoice! I haven't seen anyone savaged so hilariously since Elizabeth Wurtzel...


Tuesday September 1, 1998
Lit link o' the day: Octavo

More on 1968 from Salon.

MTV: Giving hackers a bad name...

"Dear Exclamation Point..." -- Two new advice columns of note: Hey Geek Girl! and Ask Yahoo!


Monday August 31, 1998
We all knew this was coming...

If your trigger finger is getting itchy....

Two views of 1968: David Horowitz in Salon. Jules Witcover in print.

"Later days," says HotWired's Jon Katz. (Not in those words.)

Link: Obscure Store Radio Room


Wednesday August 26, 1998
David Sedaris in The New Yorker

A new TV movie on the epic battle between Apple and Microsoft. Sounds realistic...


Monday August 24, 1998
Marketers Ponder How to Sell Soap Without the Operas - NY Times


Thursday August 13, 1998
Think stoopid: Apple's plodding 3-and-a-half minute commerical explains why you'll save at least 20 minutes by buying an iMac. What it doesn't explain is that YOU ONLY HAVE TO SET UP THE COMPUTER ONCE, while you suffer through lack of software developers for the entire life of the machine...


Wednesday August 12, 1998


Monday August 10, 1998
On Stating the Obvious, Peter Merholz gives his personalization opinion.

Nugget: A Series of Sneaks - Spoon. Recommended by Gabe: "If'n you like the Pixies..." Who doesn't?

Priceline gets a patent for its business model. Next week, someone patents the way they fold the toilet paper. Or is that a copyright?


Thursday August 6, 1998
Yahoo! Internet Life rounds up cool sites every Wednesday.

Speaking of nuggetude, MNOTD will return shortly with fresh cuttings...

Nugget: No Way - Run On. Sue Garner, Alan Licht, Rick Brown, and Katie Gentile. Recorded in Chicago, 1996. Released on Matador, 1997. Buy it.

Two words: home runs


Wednesday August 5, 1998
Mix your own.

Nugget: Revenge! The Legendary Paris Concerts - Charles Mingus - "For years, tapes of Charles Mingus' concerts have been pressed into albums and CDs and sold without permission from his estate or royalties to it. Sue Mingus has made a habit of grabbing these bootleg recordings out of stores, marching out without paying and then daring the store to create an incident by arresting her. Now she has come up with an even better idea, a record label called Revenge! which will issue the pirated material in an official form."

A pair of cool charts from Steve Champeon.

Literary link of the day.

Good idea #52.


Tuesday August 4, 1998
Logrolling: "This is brilliant!"


Monday August 3, 1998
Tony Kornheiser speaks out on why Monica shouldn't.


Monday July 27, 1998
Yeah, yeah. Everyone's all aflutter about, but when was the last time you saw the inside of a drugstore? Only time I ever go is in an emergency and I don't think that "Where's the Advil? My head is killing me," will exactly translate to the Web.

Art wants to be expensive. Or, rather, the businessmen who drive around in solid-gold beemers because they hoodwinked a couple hundred thousand hapless consumers to go out and drop twelve bucks for a cassette of "Achey-Breaky Heart" want art to be expensive. Go figure...


Wednesday July 22, 1998
Go, baby, go.


Monday July 20, 1998
Tina B.: "I'm out..."


Thursday July 16, 1998
Just say no to puffed-up software packaging.

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