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Wednesday January 28, 1998
Windows NT is the future of Micosoft's operating systems.

The Web is slowly consuming the real world.

Times: Congress will continue to deal with Internet issues.


Monday January 26, 1998
Attention programmers! Better have a back-up career ready...

Upside interviews Doogie Browser.

The saga continues...

The best place to keep up with the Clinton-Lewinsky fiasco.

The ultimate Super Bowl wrap-up.


Monday January 19, 1998
Wall Street needs more time to finish its homework assignment.


Friday January 16, 1998
I wonder if IE 4.0 users would be willing to pay to read Offhand Remarks...


Thursday January 15, 1998
Can the Internet navigation sites justify their valuations?


Wednesday January 14, 1998
New toy writhes playfully as owner convulses...

David Shenk on "Slamming Gates."

Alex Beam writes about "The Woman Who Mistook Herself for Someone Interesting."

Surowiecki on the new face of (show) business.

Salon looks at an issue we're all facing: getting our parents online.

Upside rates the top tech companies for 1998.


Tuesday January 13, 1998
Blow-by-blow coverage of Microsoft's day in court.

Ah, the axe...


Monday January 12, 1998
Another sports site is coming up to bat.

The Times offers a cautionary tale.


Friday January 9, 1998
How much are newspapers losing with their online efforts?


Thursday January 8, 1998
Excite asks "Where do you want to eat today?"

The Dancing Baby is crossing into the mainstream. Go, baby, go!


Wednesday January 7, 1998
The New York Times picks the best books of '97.

Any web venture bites the dust.

Interesting bit on the fairly new hacker tactic known as "smurfing."

How would you revamp GeoCities?


Tuesday January 6, 1998
Boston Book Review presents an interview with Robert Stone.


Tuesday December 30, 1997
This is what the holidays are all about.


Monday December 29, 1997
Sippey on ethos as entrepreneur.

Anyone else notice the freaky similarities between the recent United turbulence incident and Michael Crichton's Airframe?

The NYT on everyone's favorite valley.

Your own personal satellite.


Monday December 22, 1997
Feed gets fed.

Natasha Stovall points to Tarantino's true talent, making mix-tapes.

Wired News writes about an alternative browser when what we really need is an alternative operating system.

Story of the year: anti-monopoly policy morphs into anti-integration policy.

With great pleasure, we welcome Michael Sippey's Stating the Obvious back from hiatus. New and improved.

Sorry for the sparse output last week. Chalk it up to the joyous increase in real-world distractions brought on by the climax of the consumer season.


Friday December 19, 1997
Netscape suffers a minor setback.


Tuesday December 16, 1997
Site of note:


Monday December 15, 1997
NetSurf signs off for '97.

Who's this Larry Lessig fella?


Friday December 12, 1997
Markoff on the ruling against Microsoft.

Gadget-watch: Sony's Netman is still just a vague idea.


Thursday December 11, 1997
Columbia Journalism Review: Will Gates Crush Newspapers?

Predictably, Drudge blows the whole Yahoo! hack out of proportion.

Where do you want to teleport today?


Wednesday December 10, 1997
Anuff peers into the barrel and takes aim at the new Prodigy ads.

AOL to get into this whole new-fangled World Wide Web thing. Talk about cutting-edge...

Yahoo! beats Excite at softball, despite the fact that Excite had Barry and Bobby Bonds playing for them.


Tuesday December 9, 1997
A talk with everyone's favorite gastroenterologist.

The Electronic Telegraph says the Net is the going to be the next trendy narcotic:

INFORMATION is becoming the drug of the Nineties according to research that has found that more than half of managers and children crave information and experience a "high" when they find the right nugget of knowledge.

Oracle sets a record for trading volume in a single day. Yikes.

Yahoo! gets hacked.


Monday December 8, 1997
New site of note: Wegman World

Newsflash: Xuxa is with child!

The 8th sign of the apocalypse: The Bowl.


Friday December 5, 1997
Internet commerce will dramatically effect state and local tax bases.

Electronic publications may actually be harder to archive than print, at least in their original form.


Wednesday December 3, 1997
Hot holiday gift idea: Quake 2

Upside interviews Yahoo!'s CEO, Tim Koogle.


Tuesday December 2, 1997

"...this has to be the first time employees have averaged $1 million-plus in option profits at a company the size of Microsoft, which has about 24,000 staffers, about 21,000 of whom have options."

Site of note:

Glenn Davis on the imminent demise of Cool Site of the Day.


Monday November 24, 1997
Offhand Remarks is going to take it easy this week. There may be the occasional post, but for the most part we're going to keep quiet until December. Have a good Thanksgiving...


Friday November 21, 1997
Is Wired for sale?

Everybody's favorite streaming audio-video software company went public today.

Webmonkey gets a facelift.


Thursday November 20, 1997
Get your head shots ready...

Regis McKenna profiled by the Times syndicate.

Get me a pair of Wired-cutters.


Wednesday November 19, 1997
Mecklermedia acquires

CNN's special Comdex section.

It's a frame-up!


Tuesday November 18, 1997
More QuickTime: This is a hilarious parody of the Apple "Think Different" ad campaign. Watch out though, it's 6 megs.

Quicktime animation of the TWA disaster. (685k)

An interesting piece on techno-magazines in today's Suck.

Content partnerships make strange bedfellows.

Scientific American looks at building big stuff.

Nocera on Dyson in Slate.


Monday November 17, 1997
"Mattel says the average American girl owns about eight Barbie dolls, up from just one in the early 1980s."

Music video on demand.

Newsweek doesn't get new media, and it's not suprising since they're notoriously MIA from the Net.

CNBC is coming to the Web.

What ever happened to Electric Minds?

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