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Friday November 14, 1997
Man, Itellyawhat...Fox does not like the Internet.

Get a participant's-eye-view of this year's Comdex.

Upside has redesigned their site just in time to present the Elite 100.

Thursday November 13, 1997
Coming tomorrow:

Salon says Suck sucks (in print).

You've heard of surfing random sites, but how about receiving random email?

Wired News says the Web isn't funny.

BeOS is now free.

Wednesday November 12, 1997
New site of note:

The Case Against the Case Against Microsoft (Slate)

Gandhi -- er, no, rather Jessica Schulman responds to Bill McKibben's criticism of Apple's new ad campaign. And just like Gandhi, Jessica's taking a little "flak." Boo hoo...

Tuesday November 11, 1997
Surowiecki on Jackson on Grove in Slate.

Articles on very cool computer-generated music in New Scientist and The New York Times.

The LBJ tapes are available online.

Monday November 10, 1997
The e-verdict: The e-mail didn't go, and the site is crashed. Big suprise. Great day for new media...

Slate's latest market-crash post-mortem covers all the bases.

You gotta love math. It's so true...

Is Silicon Valley filled with nothing but worked-crazed zombies? Yep.

The decision in the nanny case will be posted here. And here's some background on the cyber-ruling from the Associated Press.

Thursday November 6, 1997
Techno-pundit Esther Dyson speaks out. (RealAudio)

Where do you want to grep today?

Wednesday November 5, 1997
Coming soon to a screen near you: avatars.

A transcript of Jim Cramer's recent Yahoo! Chat. The gonzo hedge-fund guru answered 145 questions in 70 minutes.

Tuesday November 4, 1997
The "Nanny" decision will not be televised. But it will be on the web.

A story worth revisiting -- Steve Champeon on Plug-and-Play journalism:

"The story exists, as do we all, less as a collection of objects and more as a pattern of relations between those objects. If the story programmer (or artist) responsible for creating the pattern (or story, or article) finds that another media giant can provide more in-depth information for the appropriate area of coverage, s/he can switch factoid providers at a whim. The danger here lies in the ever-present spectre of manipulation, bias, and revisionist history, but what else is new?"

Bill McKibben goes ballistic over Apple's tasteless ad campaign.

BBC News

Markoff on Intel's next generation of chip.

Monday November 3, 1997
The Smoking Gun pays homage to the man who turned drudgery to infamy.

The NY Times reviews a new biography of McLuhan.

It's the one-week anniversary of the Great Circuit-Break of 1997.

E-commerce is now a possible major for MBA students.

Infoseek humbly claims that its new ads are "Ionesco meets Scorcese."

Friday October 31, 1997
A new chapter in the annals of product placement.

Coming in '98: Mamet, Levinson, and De Niro Wag the Dog

Netsurf muses on the possibility that a network designed to be nuke-proof may also be amazingly lawyer-proof.

Kakutani reviews Murakami.

Slate wants to know why those Nobel-Prize-winning economists didn't just cash in.

Andrew Hacker closes out Salon's money week.

Keep an eye out for the new BBC News site.

Thursday October 30, 1997
CBS launches a new investor site.

Microsoft prepares to invade your breakfast.

Wednesday October 29, 1997
Allaire and NetObjects team up. Sounds like a killer web-development ap...

Newslinx adds a handy index of subjects to their interface.

AOL is coming to the Web. Yikes!

The Atlantic reviews DeLillo's Underworld.

Nader in Slate on his crusade against Microsoft.

The wonderful world of biometrics.

Tuesday October 28, 1997
Starship Troopers: the web site.

Net gadgetry coming to a store near you...

Where were you during the crash? Probably online.

Salon does money; Wired News is doing music. Theme weeks: the next big thing on the Net?

Stephen King is looking for a frightening paycheck.

Monday October 27, 1997
FEED's Steven Johnson on this publication's stock and trade, the external link.

The best movie distributor in the world has perhaps the slowest-loading web site on the Web. Still, it's worth a look...

Take a tour of the great cybermansions of the Northwest.

Do you think the Web is utopia? Or the devil's workshop?

Salon is dedicating an entire week to the root of all evil, and Po Bronson starts it off with a piece on his bottom line.

Not everyone is thrilled about the winner of this year's Booker Prize.

DeLillo is today's Media Nugget, and he recently talked to Terry Gross on Fresh Air. Listen via RealAudio.

Friday October 24, 1997
Microsoft wants to share the wealth.

Salon wants everyone to join the clique.

New York City wants to be the next Silicon Valley.

What's happening in Hong Kong?

Washington D.C. wants to be the next Silicon Valley.

Thursday October 23, 1997
The rise and fall of NetGuide Live.

Mamas, please let your babies grow up to be IT professionals...

"The Secret Service couldn't guard me..."

Do you want your browser integrated into your operating system? Salon doesn't think so.

Wednesday October 22, 1997
Man, they're really cracking down on tax breaks.

Sippey sifts through the Cool Site of the Year awards.

Don't leave home without it---er, actually, don't leave home at all. AmEx sets up shop on the Web.

Netsurf bemoans the silencing of The Obvious.

Ever wonder who was behind the whole GeoCities concept? His name is David Bohnett.

Coming soon: AOL's entertainment division has the inmates all lined up...

Scientific American talks to Intel chairman emeritus Gordon Moore on the future of computers.

A simple explanation of the whole El Niño thing.

Tuesday October 21, 1997
Things are getting a bit unruly in Indian politics.

More on Esther Dyson's Release 2.0.

I'm afraid I have to agree with Eric Alterman on this one: conservative pin-up Laura Ingraham is bafflingly dim...

108 years of National Geographic.

Monday October 20, 1997
Software note: releases Morning Paper, a new auto-pull client.

According to the Justice Department, the convergence of the browser and the desktop is a million-dollar no-no.

"Are you done yet?" asks Interactive Week of C|Net and its seemingly incurable new-site-itis...

Joey Anuff on BMI's new bootleg-sniffing cyber-bloodhound.

Yukon, ho!

Infoseek... now with "meaningless industry buzzwords!" (Otherwise known as "channels.") Thrill to their redesign.

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