March 2003

Asya Schween

Via an intriguing email interview in Digital Photo Review, I was made aware of the amazing self-portraits of Asya Schween.

"My self-portraits are not ordained by my desire to impose something upon them. I'm not an admirer/devotee/pretender of dark glamour and morbid beauty. I'm continuously producing self-portraits and sometimes disgust/terrified/upset with them myself. I do self-portraits just for fun in attempt to escape the boredom of mathematics, so I sometimes spend hours and hours to set up just one shot."

March 12 - 11:03 PM


Often comedy showcases are up-and-down affairs. Happily, that wasn't the case for last night's 826 Valencia benefit at San Francisco's Magic Theater. Two nicely balanced sets of stand-up, sketch, and film. It was, as the kids like to say, all good. Still, if an MVP must be chosen, it would have to be the deliriously wonderful star of Strindberg and Helium. I thought I was in the loop, but apparently, the little gaseous one has already appeared at Sundance, on Comedy Central, and even has his own line of clothing. My hat is off to you, Eun-Ha Paek.

March 06 - 9:03 PM