In late March, Jenny and I are getting two male Abyssinian cats. This past weekend, we had a chance to visit with them. There was a litter of four, two males and two females. The mom's name is Lucy. We're debating what to call ours, but we'll probably wait until they come home to give them their monikers.

February 18 - 3:02 PM

States I've Visited (in red)

January 31 - 10:01 AM

SF Chronicle Half Marathon

I started it. I finished it. I survived it. And I raised some cash for 826 Valencia. Here are some photos of my running garb. Sorry, no action shots this time...

July 27 - 2:07 PM

The Twins' Birthday Party

Jenny's nieces, Emma and Joelle, had a first birthday party on Saturday. Here are some photos.

July 26 - 4:07 PM

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

a photo gallery

July 19 - 1:07 PM