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thursday, november 30
I agree with Joan Walsh --- at this point, Dick Cheney seems like the only one of the dramatis personae capable of being President.
12:44 PM | HS

wednesday, november 29

Voting for better voting
7:46 PM | HS

sunday, november 12

My humble election opinion:

Machine counting has a margin of error, which can be estimated to a certain order of magnitude, i.e. - 1 in 1000, 1 in 100, etc.

Manual counting has a margin of error, which can be estimated to a certain order of magnitude. i.e. - 1 in 2000, 1 in 1000, 1 in 100, or 1 in 90, etc. It may be greater or smaller than a machine count. In any case, even if it is smaller, there is still a margin of error.

In both cases, there exists the possibility for abuse. It would seem likely to be greater in the latter case. This might or might not be offset by increased accuracy of the count, but in any case, there will always be a margin of error.

It would seem that any vote that ends up within the estimated margin of error in repeated counts should be regarded as inconclusive -- a tie.

If it's too close to call, let's not call it.

I would treat Florida as a tie -- they should decline to allow their electors to vote.

To understand what that would mean, consult the 12th Amendment.
9:48 AM | HS

thursday, november 9

Why 19,120 People Voted Twice by Jacob Weisberg
6:36 PM | HS Purchase Circles -- West Palm Beach, FL - see #8.
10:05 AM | HS

wednesday, november 8

I rarely agree with Michael Kinsley, but in this case I really do believe that the media will imbue the election numbers with meanings and implications that they in no way actually support.
7:16 PM | HS

saturday, november 4

7:25 AM | HS

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