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monday, july 31
My lone take on the current Napster moan-and-groan-a-thon is this:

I've heard a lot of easy attacks on the "specious arguments" of the copyright-flaunting hordes. What I haven't heard is a well-reasoned defense of copyright law as it currently exists. If ever there was a case where the status quo needs a positive reappraisal, this is it.

If you know of an elegant argument, please send me the URL.

Maybe it's hiding in here and I just haven't found it yet...
6:16 PM | HS

thursday, july 27

Inside Tapster
12:59 PM | HS

wednesday, july 26

Thank You
5:42 PM | HS

friday, july 21

Test Your Design IQ
2:28 PM | HS

thursday, july 13

I just like saying "Large Hot Pipe Organ." Check out the "Pyro Tango." Awesome...
2:18 PM | HS

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