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friday, april 28
Predictions from 1900
1:02 PM | HS

thursday, april 27

Value Judgments - hiring an ethicist in Silicon Valley.
6:06 PM | HS

4:50 PM | HS

friday, april 21

3D Crosswords
5:01 PM | HS

thursday, april 20

Wall Street Witch Doctors - the world of irrational and/or exuberant stock market metaphors. (in Slate)
1:59 PM | HS

wednesday, april 19

Michael Moore to Elian Gonzalez (found via usr/bin/girl)
11:41 AM | HS

monday, april 17

E.G. R.I.P.
2:49 PM | HS

friday, april 14

Deepleap is alive.
10:11 PM | HS

saturday, april 1

Okay. Okay. Bear with me on this one. Constructor has already made the rounds. Everyone who sees it, loves it. It even made it onto the venerable weblog known as Yahoo!'s What's New page. Now that we've all seen it, I think the time has come to discuss it. I'll start the conversation by saying that I find not only the concept and execution amazing, but also the way people interact with it. Sure, there's the innocent adjustment of the gravity slider, the usual addition of some kind of haphazard appendage, and the inevitable increasing of the amplitude of the reflexes. But without fail, within 30 seconds of seeing the site, everyone I showed it to "picked up" the daintywalker and started shaking it. Gently as first, just watching the legs undulate in the air. Then more forcefully. All I could think of was: Kids and bugs. And I imagine that's what pops into most people's minds as they're doing it. "Wow, this is just like a bug." I find that powerful because, in fact, we're interacting with a java applet that's just 2-D geometry, and really offers very little indication of a "creature" metaphor (save for the names of the data sets). In any case, here are three things about Constructor I'm looking

  • cross-breeding constructoids using evolutionary algorithms
  • creating environments for the constructoids to inhabit
  • a sign that says "Please don't torture the constructoids"

10:52 AM | HS

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of Blogger, but does offer some interesting features also. I like their easy-to-implement banner exchange, which comes complete with click-through stats.

Keep building these awesome tools, folks.
10:14 AM | HS

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