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friday, march 31
"A Sampling of O'Reilly Musicians" by Lori Houston. More companies should applaud their employee's artistic endeavors.
3:10 PM | HS

thursday, march 30

Sushi Fortune Telling (found at memepool)
6:34 PM | HS

wednesday, march 29

I think we can all sleep a little sounder tonight, thanks to this long overdue news.
11:30 PM | HS

Today's Media Nugget by Michael Sippey is an interesting take on wireless connection via cell phone. We'll have to see if WAP and web-clipping really catch on...
9:51 AM | HS

Today's featured album: Mock Tudor by Richard Thompson. It's touted as a "concept album" about suburban life in London, but I have to confess that I haven't yet managed to get my mind around the entire arc of the story; I've been too caught up in the beauty of the individual songs. Nevertheless, it's good on first listen and only gets better. Highlights: "Cooksferry Queen" and "Dry My Tears and Move On."
9:43 AM | HS

tuesday, march 28

New York Times: Hoffman and Reilly in True West
4:23 PM | HS

friday, march 24

Pazz & Jop for movies
5:43 PM | HS

Noted, without comment: Schneider.
4:41 PM | HS

Fans of Magnolia may be interested in the online version of Wild Talents by Charles Fort.
4:31 PM | HS

In the vast array of Yahoo! offerings, it's sometimes hard to spot the jewels. This is one of them. Bookmark it.
3:54 PM | HS

Mark Durham on Google's new Open Directory doohicky in Salon. (TLA watch: Google + Open Directory = GOD?)
12:08 PM | HS

thursday, march 23

If you're in the market for 1700 pages of great short stories, you might consider the Norton Anthology of Short Fiction, especially if you don't have to lug it around campus three days a week and can just let it inhabit your night table for awhile.
6:22 PM | HS

Matthew Mirapaul's New York Times column should be your first stop every Thursday. (One-time registration required.)
11:44 AM | HS

wednesday, march 22

A new source for spammable news stories, courtesy of Yahoo! News.
2:15 PM | HS

tuesday, march 21

For an interesting (maybe only to me) waltz through the past, check out the original incarnation of Offhand Remarks, dating from July of '99 back to October of '97.
9:34 PM | HS

Now playing: Lazy Line Painter Jane - a collection of 3 EPs by Belle & Sebastian. Check out the Band's Own Site. I especially like the Top 10 lists.

11:52 AM | HS

monday, march 20

Constructor via MetaFilter via somewhere else... very cool. Not sure why.
4:06 PM | HS

New York Times on
11:50 AM | HS

Well, sxsw was a trip. I wish I could have stayed for the music. Next year, no question, I'm going to stay. In any case, it was good to meet the people behind the pages. [Obligatory blogrolling: pb, dp, jk, cb, ma.]

In the spirit of this more personal narrative style of entry, I'll mention that I'm excited about the future of Media Nugget. Look for some cool features in the coming weeks, now that we're back to publishing every weekday.
9:48 AM | HS

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